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Therma-Tru Installation Instructions

We want to ensure that the process of installing your Therma-Tru door is as easy and stress-free as choosing the door. Here you can find easy-to-follow instructions and downloadable PDF print guides for both entry and patio doors.

Get instructions on everything from measuring and preparing the opening, to installing hardware and components, to weather proofing and maintaining your new door for years of trouble-free performance.

Entry Door Installation Instructions


Installation for
New Construction

Troubleshooting Guide

Multipoint Lock Install

Multipoint Lock Operation

Multipoint Lock Gear Replacement

Corner Pad Replacement

Dual Bulb Door Bottom Replacement

Weatherstrip Replacement

Handing Your Door

LiteFrame Replacement

Frame Plug Replacement

String Test

Determining Plumb/Level/Square

Astragal Replacement

Mini-Blind Troubleshooting

Astragal Parts Replacement

Sill Cap Replacement

Maintenance Tips

Hinged Screen

Addressing A
Sagging Door

Install Replacement Door

Remove Glazing Material

MPLS Re-install Thumbturn and Cylinder

Measure for
Replacement Door

Spring Loaded Hinges

Stripping a Door
to Refinish


Remodeling Applications

Double Door on Brick

Door on Vinyl

Door & Two Sidelites

Door on Stucco


Fiber-Classic & Smooth Star Hinged Patio Door Installation Instructions

Patio Installation

Vinyl Sliding Patio Door Installation Instructions

Commercial Door Installation Instructions

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