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Therma-Tru Door Systems
Meet NAFS Requirements

Key Elements of NAFS

The North American Fenestration Standard AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440 (NAFS) is a standard/specification for side-hinged doors, sliding doors, windows, tubular daylighting devices and skylights to be tested against. Based on the door system’s structural performance and resistance to air leakage, water penetration, wind-load and forced entry, a design pressure is determined and a performance grade is given.

Recently, the National Building Code of Canada has been revised and now calls for side-hinged door systems to be tested to this specification. Therma-Tru has already tested many of our door systems to repeatedly meet NAFS specifications, providing a range of products that comply with the new National Building Code of Canada.

Classic-Craft® Mahogany LongfordTM with two sidelites

Across Canada there are different regions that have unique minimum NAFS specifications in order to meet local building codes. Fenestration Canada has created a Building Code Fenestration Performance Calculator to help determine these specifications based on the building project. Simply enter your location and project details and the calculator will display the performance requirements for your project.*

*Please refer to local government building code for actual performance and design pressure requirements, as these vary by province / territory, city, and terrain. See for more information

Fenestration Canada NAFS calculator

Opening the Door to a New Standard

Therma-Tru has tested many of our door systems and will continue to expand our portfolio of NAFS-tested configurations. Our NAFS testing results are repeatable, accurate and realistic. Therma-Tru conducts confidence tests, where we test seven identical systems to ensure our results are consistent.

When building NAFS-tested Therma-Tru® door systems, all Therma-Tru fabricators are required to follow the construction and assembly requirements shown in the test report. Therma-Tru has an extremely knowledgeable technical sales team that offers support, training and auditing services to our fabricators. This helps to ensure that the door systems being built are following the same construction and assembly used in NAFS testing. Click on our brochure below to read more about the new building code and the NAFS testing done by Therma-Tru.

Therma-Tru NAFS Brochure

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